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Due to personal reasons, I will be taking an indefinite hiatus. 

24th June 2012

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The Avengers: Black Widow - by theDURRRRIAN


The Avengers: Black Widow - by theDURRRRIAN

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24th June 2012

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62 Things the Avengers are Not Allowed to Do.

  • 1. Tony is not allowed to replace the entire contents of the cafeteria with pop-tarts just because Thor has declared it the ‘food of the gods.’
  • 2. Natasha is not allowed to interrogate new S.H.I.E.L.D. employees and dispose of the ones she deems unworthy.
  • 3. Clint is not allowed to continue insisting that is the final step of the interview process to terrified new hires.
  • 4. Tony is not allowed to broadcast sing-along songs into the Hulk-cage, no matter amusing he finds teaching Hulk “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around”
  • 5. Clint is not allowed to put the security feed of the Hulk’s Teddy Bear dance on Youtube.
  • 6. Bruce is not allowed to hack into personnel files to look up blackmail material on Director Fury.
  • 7. Tony is not allowed to insist that he’s already done so and that Fury’s middle name is Rainbow Sprinkles…. Because it isn’t.
  • 8. Thor is not allowed to be naked at Headquarters. Ever.
  • 9. Steve is not allowed to address any female S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as ‘little lady,’ ‘broad,’ or ‘dame.’ It only ends in getting slapped.
  • 10. Agent Coulson’s name isn’t “Mom.”
  • 11. Director Fury should never again be addressed as “Dad”
  • 12. Agent Hill is not the Avenger’s wicked stepmother.
  • 13. Clint is not allowed to lurk in the shadowy rafters spying on people, unless specifically instructed to do so for an official S.H.I.E.L.D. sanctioned mission.
  • 14. ‘Operation Irritate the Fuck Out of Nick Fury’ is not an official mission, no matter what Tony or Natasha say to the contrary.
  • 15. Debriefings should not be preceded by tequila shots.
  • 16. Debriefings should not be followed by tequila shots.
  • 17. There are to be no shots of any kind during debriefings.
  • 18. Thor and Hulk will wait to fight until after the battle is over.
  • 19. Tony Stark is not God’s gift to women.
  • 20. The Avengers do not need matching uniforms.
  • 21. Tony and Bruce are not allowed to have a contest to see who can make a bigger “boom” in the lab.
  • 22. Thor is not allowed to join in and make the biggest boom with his hammer.
  • 23. The Avengers will not be celebrating Steve’s 94th birthday.
  • 24. The laboratory is not Tony and Bruce’s ‘Super Secret Genius Clubhouse.’ They are not allowed to bar entry to employees based on IQ test results.
  • 25. The Avengers are not making a promotional pin-up calendar. Or a sex tape.
  • 26. Iron Man is not making a promotional pin-up calendar. Or a sex tape.
  • 27. Tony Stark is not making a promotional pin-up calendar. Or a sex tape.
  • 28. Thor is not allowed to ‘bring down the wrath of Odinson’ on the person who ate the last package of pop-tarts.
  • 29. Pants are not optional at team meetings.
  • 30. ‘Pepper said it was okay’ is not a good enough reason to defy a director order from command.
  • 31. The words “What’s the worst that could happen?” are never to be uttered on a mission ever again.
  • 32. MC Hammer did not write Thor a theme song.
  • 33. Gumby is not the love child of Bruce Banner and Reed Richards.
  • 34. Natasha and Clint are not allowed to impersonate members of the clergy ever again. Ever.
  • 35. Blasting ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ at top volume into Bruce’s room on loop overnight is not an effective way to suppress the Hulk.
  • 36. Hawkeye is not sitting in the rafters waiting to pick off people playing Galaga on their computer during work hours.
  • 37. Tony is not allowed to bribe Natasha and Clint to physically, emotionally or psychologically torture General Ross for being ‘a great big douchebucket’ and ‘being mean to Brucie-kins.’
  • 38. Steve is ‘Captain America’ not ‘Captain New York and those 49 other, lesser states.’
  • 39. ‘Hulk SMASH!’ is not an effective diplomatic policy.
  • 40. Tony is not allowed to buy the Dodgers and move them back to Brooklyn to apologize for lighting Steve’s hair on fire.
  • 41. The phrase ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’ never leads anywhere good.
  • 42. It is not funny to dare Bruce to drink three quarts of green food coloring before a urine test.
  • 43. Steve is not to be introduced as ‘Captain Tightpants’ or ‘The All-American Virgin.’
  • 44. The Avengers do not ‘charge into battle, naked like the Celts.’ Except for The Hulk. Sometimes.
  • 45. Natasha’s glare is not in fact fatal. Tony is not allowed to continue implying that it is.
  • 46. Tony is not allowed to convince Bruce to help him make death ray goggles so that it will be.
  • 47. The Avengers are not allowed to overthrow the American government, just because they didn’t like the results from the last election.
  • 48. The Avengers are not allowed to overthrow any government, without checking in with S.H.I.E.L.D. first.
  • 49. Clint is not allowed to sell Thor any ‘magic beans.’
  • 50. Natasha and Clint are not allowed to try to sell Tony to another planet, even if they are promised really cool new weapons in exchange.
  • 51. Tony and Bruce are not allowed to go to any science conferences without a chaperone.
  • 52. A robot Tony built does not count as a chaperone.
  • 53. Nikola Tesla is not a vampire being held in the bowels of S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.
  • 54. Tony and Bruce are not allowed to go searching for him in the name of Science!
  • 55. Clint’s super-power is not ‘being super-annoying.’
  • 56. The following words and phrases are never to be uttered over communication devices during an active mission ever again: “Exploring sexuality,” “Necrophilia,” “It’s getting hot in herr, so take off all your clothes,” “I hate everyone on this mission and I wish they’d die in a fire,” “Nick Fury can go suck on a big bag of sausages,” references to Bruce’s giant stash of weed, mention of anyone’s erection, or “Shawarma.”
  • 57. If it makes Tony giggle for more than 30 seconds, it isn’t allowed.
  • 58. If it makes Natasha crack a smile, it’s probably illegal.
  • 59. Thor taking Jane to see Asgard does not count as an alien abduction. Clint should stop referring to it as such.
  • 60. Just because Bruce agreed to work in Tony’s lab, does not mean he needs to get a “Property of Stark Industries” tattoo.
  • 61. Tony is not allowed to design a robot to draw said tattoo on Bruce when he falls asleep in the lab.
  • 62. Post-mission reports to Director Fury should not start out ‘So let me explain…’

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23rd June 2012

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An Old Friend


There was a change in his demeanour that followed the curse, a slight way his heel skipped against the floor as he stopped dead in his tracks. The tendon in Clint’s jaw visibly flexed as he clenched his teeth. His eyes flittered to the room Rebecca was sleeping in. Eyes sharp and protective.

“Yeah,” Clint remarked bitterly. “I remember.”

How could he forget, his back was like a canvas that had been painted by Doom with scars that still gave him pain to this day years after the event. For what had felt like months of torture had really been a few weeks in some area of Budapest. Clint recalled having his fingers bent backwards until they dislocated, the cuts that nearly broke him, the way he just kept laughing at them even when he was nearly throwing up blood. 

Cracking the knuckles of his hands he stared right at Natasha. “I have a quinjet here, two agents. If I send..” he frowned.

Bruce would be a really valuable asset right now thanks to the other guy, but at the same time Clint felt fiercely protective of him and didn’t want him in this kind of firing line. This was personal on so many levels for Clint, and with Natasha by his side they had a vendetta to take care of. Fate of the world to a degree, too. Just another day at the office. 

Carefully collecting himself, the Hawk slipped into his tried and true mask. Game face on.

“I’ll organise to get them out of here. We’ll set a rendezvous point and work from there. I assume you’ve got another quinjet close by — debrief me then, I want to know everything that’s happened.”

Clint reached out, knuckles ghosting against her cheek with a faint smile. They could do this. Time to face fears. Doom had been totally off the radar after Budapest and now they had their chance. 

She gave him a ghost of a smile. “I can take care of myself for tonight. You get everything here taken care of.” She stepped back, slipping back into her mask of indifference.

“On the edge of town, they were planning on building a bathhouse. It would have been quite luxurious and beautiful. Unfortunately, they ran out of money before they could complete it. A new company has since bought the property, and they are planning on demolishing the structure early next week. I’ll meet you there at sundown tomorrow. My quinjet will be outside. From there we can determine what our next move should be.”

She tucked a loose strand behind her ear, and glanced once more at Becca’s sleeping figure. This little girl had finally gotten what all orphans dream of, a dream that for her had never been realized.

She strode toward the door, pausing momentarily at Clint’s side. She placed her hand gently on his arm. “It’s good to see you happy, Clint.” She squeezed gently, and opened the door, disappearing silently into the gathering dusk.

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Burn the garden green.: OOC; Your Eye In The Sky →


Friendly OOC post time!

It’s taken a bit of TLC, and a bit of OCD, but between the data collating skills of our resident Captain, and my own craziness for helping weave plot-holes like no tomorrow, we’ve got a 99% up to date timeline of what is happening in the…

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Marvel’s most badass women → Black Widow - Natasha Romanoff (x)

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An Old Friend

The knock had been expected. 

For the better part of a week and a half he’d been holed up in Bangkok with Bruce, and now Rebecca. Barton had flown in with a two man crew on the quinjet, and while he was their superior in this mission he’d be surprised if they hadn’t called him in for insubordination. And as good as he was at lying there was only so many times he could fend off their questions. The orders had been clearly stated by Hill and Fury: as soon as Banner was found, he was to be brought back home. Not set up camp in the rickety place Bruce had been calling home since he’d arrived and wait things out. 

It’d been good though — an impromptu vacation of sorts, a rekindling and mending of his relationship. Only further strengthened by the fact they were going to take home a kid. It was going to be a lot of paperwork, a lot of loops to jump and people to satisfy, but Bruce was right they couldn’t just leave her. Bruce was enamoured, and Clint had become incredibly attached. It’d taken the airing of some more demons, hell Bruce and Clint both had ‘daddy issues’ in spades, but they’d agreed that they could do it. 

He amusedly thought that once they got out of here and back home that he should just finally ask Bruce to marry him. They’d survived everything thrown at them so far and come out on top, and now they had Rebecca. 

So, yes, of course he’d expected the knock. Analytical mind practically had counted down the days. Barton was ready to go home as it were, to settle in and adjust to this new change in his life - their lives. When he’d opened the door he expected his field crew, perhaps even Hill or Coulson coming to round up ‘the kids’. 

He did not expect Natasha Romanoff. He did not expect her to look like hell, either. 

“Tasha— jesus. Of course.”

Clint pulled her inside, closing the door swiftly but quietly. Already his senses were on edge. For his fellow assassin to have been sent as his pick up meant that trouble was on the horizon. Possibly already happening. She was bruised, looked sickly, and a viciously protective side of him was practically clawing away wanting to find out why. Natasha was like family, and while she was very much a big girl who could take care of herself, it didn’t push those feelings down.

Clint dragged his hand down his face, pacing. Clear and bright eyes locked on the woman in the house. It was tempting to call Bruce out to get him to look her over, but that could turn ugly. 

“I’m guessing this isn’t a casual sit’n’bitch like we normally have. What’s the sitrep?”

Her eyes followed his pacing, she most look worse than she thought she did, for him to react so strongly. With a sigh, she sat down in a rickety chair, and watched him pace for a little longer.

“Please stop that, Clint. Just, sit. Please.” She ran a hand through her hair and took a deep breath. “A lot has changed since you left. Loki is no longer enemy number one. Doctor Doom has taken his place. He’s the leader of some kind of group, and they’ve attacked S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters. I can’t get a response from Fury, or anybody from that matter. They’ve launched an attack simultaneously on Stark Tower.” She paused, looking at Clint to gauge his reaction. She rubbed a hand gently over the bruises on her arm.

“We need you, Clint. No, I need you. Fury has had confidence in me while you’ve been gone, assuming that I can handle our missions alone. But it’s been…difficult without my eyes in the skies.”

Her eyes found the open door across from the kitchen, the dim glow of a night light shining out. She stood, padded silently to the door and looked in. A beautiful little girl was asleep on the bed; a stuffed hawk toy had fallen from her hands to the floor. She entered the room quietly, scooped the toy up in her hands, and tucked it into the little girl’s arms. “сладкий ангел мечты” she whispered, before backing out of the room.

“She’s beautiful, Clint. And she’s very lucky to have found you and Bruce. If only all of us orphans could have been so lucky.” She went silent, remembering her angry screams as the only father she had ever known had handed her away to be brainwashed and tortured. She snapped her attention back to the present. “She’s in danger here, Clint. You remember what Doom is capable of, don’t you?”

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Thor Au

She smiled up at him. “I know a wonderful little coffee shop nearby.” She let herself relax. He seemed less terrified than he had mere moments ago, although still overwhelmed. “The shop I have in mind for your suits is a little farther away, but it is definitely worth the trip. I’ve helped Loki pick out countless suits there. They have a wonderful selection, and their tailor can work magic.” She stood, brushing her hands over her black, pencil skirt. She tucked her pen and notebook into her purse and glanced up at him. He seemed lost in thought. She wondered, not for the first time how many rumors she had heard about her relationship with his brother.  “I’m ready when you are boss.”

There was the cloud again, that constant remind of his brother and how he would always lingered in his thoughts and conversations. “Yes let us go out and about today, I have no paperwork or any real business needing attended to beyond my slightly personal.” He smiled stepping out from behind his desk. He didn’t want a just boss relationship with her he wanted something at least tangible. Someone he could rely on not just in the office. “Because it seems all my cloths no longer fit.” He stated holding his arms out his sleeve pulling up past his wrist. Marine life with all its troubles had done wonders to his muscles.

She made a gentle clucking noise with her tongue, before reaching over and examining his sleeve. She frowned at him and shook her head. “We’ll find you something that is much better quality and actually fits you. I promise. And then afterwards, we’ll have coffee? Sound like a plan?” She barely waited for his nod, before pulling out her phone and dialing a number. She began speaking in fluent Italian to the person on the other end. After a few moments, her tone warmed considerably, and a smile filled her face. “A fra poco.” she murmured into the phone, before ending the call and sliding her phone back into her purse. 

"Good new!" she exclaimed, smiling brightly at Thor. "We managed to get the next slot at Giovanni’s. You’ll love him." She walked to the door and opened it, before turning back. "Are you coming?"

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… half the bottle. Shots kinda blurred after a while so I don’t really remember.

Oh sweetie. I’m trying really hard not to laugh right now. Want a Russian hangover cure?


But only if it doesn’t involve raw egg because I might just throw up.

Just don’t ask me what’s in it. 

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