23rd June 2012

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An Old Friend


There was a change in his demeanour that followed the curse, a slight way his heel skipped against the floor as he stopped dead in his tracks. The tendon in Clint’s jaw visibly flexed as he clenched his teeth. His eyes flittered to the room Rebecca was sleeping in. Eyes sharp and protective.

“Yeah,” Clint remarked bitterly. “I remember.”

How could he forget, his back was like a canvas that had been painted by Doom with scars that still gave him pain to this day years after the event. For what had felt like months of torture had really been a few weeks in some area of Budapest. Clint recalled having his fingers bent backwards until they dislocated, the cuts that nearly broke him, the way he just kept laughing at them even when he was nearly throwing up blood. 

Cracking the knuckles of his hands he stared right at Natasha. “I have a quinjet here, two agents. If I send..” he frowned.

Bruce would be a really valuable asset right now thanks to the other guy, but at the same time Clint felt fiercely protective of him and didn’t want him in this kind of firing line. This was personal on so many levels for Clint, and with Natasha by his side they had a vendetta to take care of. Fate of the world to a degree, too. Just another day at the office. 

Carefully collecting himself, the Hawk slipped into his tried and true mask. Game face on.

“I’ll organise to get them out of here. We’ll set a rendezvous point and work from there. I assume you’ve got another quinjet close by — debrief me then, I want to know everything that’s happened.”

Clint reached out, knuckles ghosting against her cheek with a faint smile. They could do this. Time to face fears. Doom had been totally off the radar after Budapest and now they had their chance. 

She gave him a ghost of a smile. “I can take care of myself for tonight. You get everything here taken care of.” She stepped back, slipping back into her mask of indifference.

“On the edge of town, they were planning on building a bathhouse. It would have been quite luxurious and beautiful. Unfortunately, they ran out of money before they could complete it. A new company has since bought the property, and they are planning on demolishing the structure early next week. I’ll meet you there at sundown tomorrow. My quinjet will be outside. From there we can determine what our next move should be.”

She tucked a loose strand behind her ear, and glanced once more at Becca’s sleeping figure. This little girl had finally gotten what all orphans dream of, a dream that for her had never been realized.

She strode toward the door, pausing momentarily at Clint’s side. She placed her hand gently on his arm. “It’s good to see you happy, Clint.” She squeezed gently, and opened the door, disappearing silently into the gathering dusk.

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